Private EquitySector Focus

Communications & Digital Infrastructure

The Berkshire Communications and Digital Infrastructure team has been investing in the sector and related services for 25 years. Our investments have spanned four continents and we have used a range of investment structures including growth equity investments, joint ventures, and majority acquisitions to help management teams meet their objectives. Areas of expertise include the wireless communications ecosystem, enterprise and consumer network service providers, data center platforms, and technology services. Themes which underpin our investment activity include the continued growth in bandwidth consumption, the evolution of wireless architecture, proliferation of wireless and mobile devices, cloud computing, edge computing, and increasing information technology complexity.


The Berkshire Consumer team invests in powerful brands with differentiated products or services, exceptionally strong consumer appeal, and attractive growth opportunities. We partner with management teams who strive to grow their businesses for the long term. We favor innovators – those who create advantage through marketing, data and analytics, channel strategy, product design, and technology or tech-enablement as they navigate the evolving consumer landscape. While we are interested in a broad range of segments that exhibit these characteristics, areas we are exploring include consumer technologies and e-commerce, residential- and retail-based consumer services, pet products and services, food, restaurants, and beauty and personal care.


Berkshire’s Healthcare team has deep expertise investing in services businesses across the provider, payer, and pharmaceutical end-markets. We help scale great healthcare companies that make a difference by delivering meaningful value to key constituencies in the ecosystem and that ultimately improve the quality of patient care, lower system costs, expand access, and/or leverage advanced data and analytics. We are long-term healthcare investors committed to supporting our management team partners. We recognize the need to invest in the infrastructure to support long-term growth objectives, and we leverage our deep network of healthcare executives along with in-house industry/functional experts to support key initiatives. We have decades of experience helping entrepreneurs and management teams accelerate growth, expand into new markets, introduce new products, execute on accretive M&A, and scale profitably.

Services & Industrials

Berkshire’s Services and Industrials team brings decades of collective sector experience to our investment approach. We seek to partner with sustainably differentiated businesses with attractive economic models and low cyclicality, and whose management teams have clear strategies for growth. We are also interested in companies that differentiate through technology enablement. In industrials, we seek to invest in companies that benefit from enduring tailwinds – automation, material substitution, regulatory, ESG, and other trends – and that have the potential to outgrow their end markets, including through the innovative use of technology. Example subsectors include distribution, industrial services, industrial technology, aerospace and defense, and building products. In services, we look for companies with recurring revenue that operate in large and growing markets that are often highly fragmented and consolidating for strategic reasons. Example subsectors include commercial facility and residential services, environmental and disaster response services, and wealth management.


Berkshire’s Technology team seeks to invest in a broad range of software and technology-enabled businesses, partnering with management teams who are building industry-leading companies with sustainable differentiation and have a track record of innovating. We pursue technology companies that participate in large markets with secular growth tailwinds, have sustainably differentiated competitive positions, exhibit attractive economic models, and demonstrate multiple paths to grow profitably. While we are interested in a broad set of software and technology businesses, we prioritize vertical and horizontal end-markets that have attractive growth characteristics and structural attributes, and in which we have developed significant end-market expertise. Several examples of our current areas of focus include education, real estate, government, and insurance and GRC technologies.