Stockbridge, founded in 2007, is the public equities business of Berkshire Partners. We seek to invest in high-quality companies with strong competitive positions, long-term growth prospects, and talented management teams.  Our goal is to deliver strong absolute returns to our investors over long periods of time.  

We maintain a concentrated portfolio of what we believe to be our best ideas, which allows us to perform deep diligence and actively monitor sectors of interest. We invest based on rigorous and deep research and a time horizon of five years or more. Our team constructively engages with management teams to share our insights and refine our perspective. We closely collaborate with Berkshire Partners Private Equity and often draw upon our colleagues’ intellectual capital and relationships. We are active across a range of industries with an emphasis on investing in developed countries.  

Over our history, Stockbridge has developed a collaborative investment process designed to build and sustain high conviction that we seek to continually improve. Our truth-seeking culture requires intellectual curiosity and mutual trust; we value the collective wisdom of our investment team.