Our FirmCulture & Values

Our purpose is to build enduring value for our investors, our companies, and our firm by creating and fostering exceptional teams. We adhere to a set of core values that produces a distinctive culture, which we believe has been a key driver of our success.

Relationships Matter

We seek to build meaningful, long-term relationships. We focus on fairness and collaboration, and strive to cultivate personal, lasting partnerships with management teams, entrepreneurs, investors, shareholders, other sponsors, intermediaries, and each other.

The Power of Teams

Investing is a people business grounded in culture and teamwork. We foster a culture of collaboration, in which we share both successes and failures. Our wisdom and judgment are born of our ability to grow together, in an environment where we value each unique perspective. While we have many talented individuals, we believe the group is stronger than any member alone; our emphasis is on inclusiveness, high ethical standards, truth-seeking, and collaborative decision-making.

Winning the Right Way

We take pride in always acting with integrity and accountability. Our team is tenacious in our desire to succeed while upholding the highest standards of honesty and fairness in each interaction. We seek to invest responsibly while also driving long-term success, and to win in ways that make us proud.

Our Values in Our Voices

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