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LocationAtlanta, Georgia

Profit Recovery GroupServices & Industrials/Consumer

  • Year Invested2002
  • Investment TypeGrowth Capital
  • Year Realized2006
  • Type of SaleIPO

Profit Recovery Group (PRG)-Schultz International, now known as PRGX (NASDAQ:PRGX), founded in 1991 as a leading provider of recovery auditing services for major retailers and other businesses across North America, Europe and Asia, acquired Howard Schultz & Associates in 2002 and formed PRG-Schultz International. Helping businesses identify and recover overpayments and under-deductions, the company enhances profitability and improves financial controls for their clients. The company uses sophisticated proprietary software and an experienced, strongly-incented auditor workforce to perform audits both domestically and abroad for such clients as general retailers, grocery chains, utilities and hospitals.

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