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LocationNew York, New York
Paris, France

Coty Inc.Consumer

  • Year Invested2011
  • Investment TypeGrowth CapitalInternational
  • Year Realized2014
  • Type of SaleIPO

Coty Inc. (NYSE:COTY) is one of the world’s leading beauty companies. Coty was created in Paris in 1904 by Francois Coty who is credited with founding the modern fragrance industry. For over 100 years, Coty has produced some of the strongest consumer beauty franchises. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and focused on creating a strong, innovative pipeline of new products, Coty has gained an unyielding position in the fragrance, skin care and color cosmetics categories; the beauty company now possesses an unrivaled portfolio of over 40 notable brands, which are delivered to consumers in more than 130 countries and territories.

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