January 2011NEW Grows Global Footprint

Sterling, Virginia, January 6, 2011 — N.E.W. Customer Service Companies Inc. (NEW), the leading global provider of extended service contracts and product support, is continuing its growth within international markets by establishing relationships to support top retailers in Canada, China, Japan, Turkey and, in partnership with its sister company as NEWAsurion, Europe in the United Kingdom.  In 2010, the company opened three new international offices in Istanbul, Tokyo and London, and expanded its global team to more than 280 employees.

"For 27 years, NEW has brought best-in-class products and customer care to our domestic retail partners.  Our international presence has been a natural extension of our business and we are excited about our established and developing relationships around the globe," said Tony Nader, NEW president and CEO.  "We are dedicated to delivering premium services in each of these countries and look forward to protecting and servicing consumers around the world who have grown to depend on NEW and our retailer partners that provide extended service plans."

In 2006, NEW began its international expansion in China, and since then it has gained significant ground in building an international infrastructure to support its exponential growth.  Today, NEW provides product protection to more than 8 million international consumers and supports 35 top international retailers comprising nearly 3,500 storefronts.  Most recently, the company joined forces with two of Europe's largest consumer electronics retailers.

"This year has been a tremendous year for us in terms of bringing product care to more consumers through many of the largest and most trusted retailers in the world," said Danny Hourigan, NEW senior vice president and president, service plan division.  "Through our customized training programs for sales associates and targeted marketing and merchandising experience, we work collaboratively with our retail partners to ensure that their customers maximize their purchases and that the partners build loyalty through an unmatched customer care experience."

About N.E.W. Customer Service Companies LLC (NEW)
NEW, together with its affiliates and member companies, is the leading global provider of extended service plans, buyer protection services and product support, providing coverage to more than 150 million consumers around the world.  Founded in 1983, with headquarters in Sterling, Va., NEW provides award-recognized post-sale consumer care for leading retailers, consumer service providers, wireless carriers and financial services firms in the United States, Canada, China, Japan, Turkey and the United Kingdom.  NEW delivers a comprehensive customer care solution that begins on day one of the product purchase and extends through the end of the product life cycle.  For more information, please visit NEW at or call 1-800 WHAT'S NEW(1-800-942-8763).


Source: NEW
Title: NEW Grows Global Footprint
Date Published: January 6, 2011
Date Accessed: August 8, 2013

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