September 2011Husky’s Next Generation HyCAP System Allows for Faster Cycles and Improves Energy Utilization

Bolton, Ontario, September 7, 2011 — Husky Injection Molding Systems today announced the launch of its next generation HyCAP system for high output beverage closure manufacturing. An evolution of the existing platform, the new HyCAP system offers several advantages including the enablement of faster cycle times, improved energy utilization and closer integration with Husky’s new KTW closure molds, all while maintaining the highest levels of reliability, repeatability and part quality. 

Husky’s new HyCAP system utilizes a number of speed and energy improvements that provide cycle enhancements for lightweight closures in particular. The all new screw design offers improved plasticizing rates while allowing lower melt temperatures to maintain strength and other properties of the resin. The reduced melt temperatures also result in cycle and energy savings, with less waste and heat loss. Powerpack upgrades have also been incorporated to help enable faster cycles.

In order to fully leverage the acquisition of closure mold maker KTW, the new version of HyCAP has been optimized to integrate with Husky’s KTW closure molds. Husky’s acquisition of KTW in May 2011 positioned Husky as the closure industry’s only provider of complete injection molding systems, including mold, machine, hot runner and temperature controller. “Since bringing KTW into the Husky team, we’ve brought the businesses together to provide everything from application review through to test and support as one system supplier,” said Jeff MacDonald, Vice President of Marketing.

“The closure market is a top priority for Husky and our new HyCAP system improves on the previous system in many ways, allowing us to deliver increased value to our closure customers,” said Mark Fitzpatrick, Husky’s Business Manager, Closures. “Our new HyCAP is a core building block of our complete system solution that will allow us to provide higher levels of performance and productivity as well as ease of operation, beyond what would be possible by assembling a series of standalone products.”

Husky also set out to improve ease of use with their new HyCAP system by implementing innovative SmartStart and SmartStop features. SmartStart automates certain startup procedures resulting in quicker and easier startup. SmartStop allows for automatic production stoppages and faster restart following cycle interruptions. 

The new HyCAP system allows better cooperation between the machine and hot runner through adaptive carriage control to maximize gate quality and consistency. Additionally, Husky’s new Altanium color change interface which enables significantly reduced scrap and changeover time is now included as a standard feature. 


Source: Husky
Title: Husky’s Next Generation HyCAP System Allows for Faster Cycles and Improves Energy Utilization
Date Published: September 7, 2011
Date Accessed: August 8, 2013

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