November 2013Asurion Completes Acquisition of Highly Acclaimed Technology Support Solutions Company, Soluto

Nashville, Tennessee, November 12, 2013 – Asurion, the global leader in technology protection solutions, took another step forward in its development of advanced support service capabilities for consumers and clients by completing the acquisition of Soluto. The award-winning software and services provider is used by millions of people who want the best experience when using their PCs, tablets and smartphones. 

Soluto’s support capabilities will be integrated into Asurion’s Premier Support Solutions line of services, which offers consumers a friendly and knowledgeable expert support technician, capable of addressing a wide range of hardware and software topics and issues. As mobile devices continually increase in sophistication and capability, consumers are becoming more attached than ever to the features and functionality. By broadening the scope of mobile protection to include technical support, Asurion is addressing the full spectrum of challenges consumers may face throughout the life of their device. 

“Our research shows that consumers are not equipped to manage a growing number of complex and interconnected devices,” said Tony Detter, Senior Vice President of Global Product Management at Asurion. “Traditional technical support focuses on a small subset of user challenges, such as setup and break-fix scenarios. However, today users want more services to help them get the most from the capabilities their devices offer.” 

Since its founding five years ago, Soluto’s innovative technology management software has been downloaded more than 3 million times and has seen more than 15 million user actions. The company earned a reputation as a leader in delivering customer-friendly technology support solutions. Soluto has changed the traditional technology support model by offering an unmatched set of tools and device insights, empowering customers to maximize the functionality of their technology devices. 

“Today, every household is becoming a small IT environment, with multiple devices and platforms. Our solution helps everyone enjoy the technology and services they use,” said Tomer Dvir, CEO, Soluto. “When we started talking with Asurion, we were thrilled to discover an organization that shares our vision of making people happier with technology. We’re excited that with Asurion’s global reach and strong channel partner relationships, our service will positively impact more people than ever before.”

In addition to the completed Soluto acquisition, Asurion is further building its Premier Support capabilities by growing its team of expert support technicians. Earlier this month, the company announced it would open an additional Premier Support Solution Center in Nashville, Tenn., and hire 800 support technicians. That announcement followed July’s news that Asurion would fill more than 500 positions in a newly established Phoenix, Ariz., Premier Support Solutions Center.

“When it comes to mobile protection, no one else is addressing consumer pain points and creating value for channel partners like Asurion,” said Detter. “We offer the most comprehensive and industry-leading mobile protection including quick replacements, privacy and security protection and easy access for assistance with technology and help to use their devices efficiently.”


Source: Asurion
Title: Asurion Completes Acquisition of Highly Acclaimed Technology Support Solutions Company, Soluto
Date Published: November 12, 2013
Date Accessed: November 13, 2013

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