June 2013Aritzia Stakes Claim in Montreal

Montreal, Canada, June 19, 2013 — When the store name Aritzia comes up, Montrealers often say the name sounds familiar, but few seem to know exactly what's sold inside. That's about to change: In the coming months, shoppers will become more familiar with the popular B.C. retail phenomenon, as Aritzia rolls into Montreal with three stores opening in mid-August.

Stores are at the Eaton Centre (5,200 square feet); Carrefour Laval (6,100 square feet); and Fairview Pointe Claire (5,600 square feet).

Inside, expect a fresh breeze of shopping delight, full of chic weekend wear or high-style 9-to-9 work-meets-cocktail-hour pieces - just slap on some heels and go! Items include a neon punch 100-per-cent silk dress ($185), sport-inspired printed silk shorts ($95) and blouse ($95) with a black and white lace motif.

Aritzia features 10 to 12 in-house labels, like Wilfred and Babaton, intermixed with brands like Mackage and Marc by Marc Jacobs. Shopping experience is key. By centralizing the administration, "staff is purely there to look after customers," said Brian Hill, Artizia CEO. Stores are also meticulously designed by an in-house team to enhance the shopping experience.

Aritzia's apparel team features designers, and print and textile designers, which allows the company to churn out on-trend clothes with quality-control systems in place, Hill says.

"A lot of companies have designers who exclusively make blouses, or T-shirts. We don't do that. Our designers do full collections, like luxury houses do. This is a lot more unique (in the industry) than it seems," he said.

After samples are made and tested by staff and fitted on models, items are then produced at factories shared with designers like Alexander Wang and sold at a reasonable cost.

Aritzia has more than 55 stores, including two in Manhattan (the Soho store is especially popular). In 1984, Hill helped open the first Aritzia on the basement level of Vancouver department store Hill's of Kerrisdale, owned by his family. Aritzia caters to women 16 to 40 years old - but 12- and 65-year-olds may shop there, too. "It's all a state of mind," Hill says.

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Source: The Montreal Gazette
Title: Aritzia Stakes Claim in Montreal
Date Published: June 19, 2013
Date Accessed: August 7, 2013

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